About the Artist

Our Founder

Nick is the one-man show behind Cervo Studio, formally known as Cavelderruis. His journey with goldsmithing began when he was at university in 2016. He was studying to be a Sports Therapist, but his real passion was jewellery.

He's had a love and obsession with jewellery and gemstones, ever since he was a child. This love of all things shiny, lead him to experimenting initially with Electroforming and Soft Solder techniques in order to create unique pieces of jewellery for both himself and my friends. Skip forward to today and he's working with precious metals, and precious/semi-precious gemstones.

Cervo Studio is based in the Northamtonshire countryside, a beautiful place in the UK, filled to the brim with British culture and history. He is inspired by all that surrounds him, from ecclesial & gothic architecture to the myth and nature found in British history. His aim is to bring unique, wearable art to everyone, and he feels jewellery is deeply personal and gives us a chance to express ourselves in a subtle, or not so subtle way.

Our Materials

All of the materials used in our pieces are sourced from ethical and reputable suppliers, ensuring that no one is exploited during the process. All of our gemstones are genuine, natural gemstones and any treatments are explained with full transparency. In addition, we are able to use lab-created stones if you wish, please contact us for more info about these.

All the metals we use are 100% recycled. This means that the pieces of jewellery you are purchasing, do not require any further metal to be removed from the ground. This means you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you are helping to preserve the earth, while also having a ethical and sustainable piece of jewellery.

Our Process

All of our jewellery is made using several different techniques:


One of the more traditional methods of creating jewellery is via fabrication. Metal is either melted down to form sheet or wire, or is purchased in sheet and wire form and is cut, soldered and manipulated into the final piece of jewellery you get to own. This process requires a lot of time, skill and not to mention lots of fire!

Lost Wax Casting

One of the most ancient forms of jewellery making is Lost Wax Casting. This method dates back to 4500 - 3500 BC. Several different specialist tools, knives and other homemade tools are used to build up, carve and sculpt the wax into it’s final form, before it’s then encased in a specialist plaster, burnt out and molten metal then poured into the cavity to form the final piece of jewellery. This is then further refined, finished and polished before ending up at the fully finished result.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

One of the newest forms of jewellery making techniques. CAD is a method which a 3D computer design programme is used to create a digital 3D model of the jewellery piece. This file is then sent and printed into a castable resin/wax and is then cast in the same way that Lost Wax Casting is. This method requires a high level of computer skills and requires a lot of calculation, and incredible precision in order to produce a final piece of jewellery.

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The Bespoke Process

What is included?

What items can I have made?

  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Brooches/Tie Pins
  • Cufflinks

In addition, bespoke options include:

  • Custom engravings

How does it work?

Step 1: Have an idea

Bespoke orders can be made to your specifications, so we will need to have an idea of what it is you'd like.

To modify (change metal, stone, size, or add an engraving) to our current designs, you do not need to book a bespoke consultation. Instead, please send your enquiry to admin@cervostudio.com.

Step 2: Complete the bespoke enquiry form.

So we have a clear idea of what you want, we ask that you complete the below form to help us understand what it is you're looking for and to ensure we can deliver in line with your expectations. To do this, we will need to know a bit more about the materials, budget and timelines you have in mind.

We will respond to discuss your ideas and ensure we can achieve them within your materials, budget and timeline.

Step 3: Book your consultation

Provided you're happy to proceed, we will require you to book in a bespoke consultation if required and pay a bespoke holding fee of £50. This fee is non-refundable and covers the consultation and initial time put into fine tuning your design via email, multiple redrafts, renders, etc. This fee will be taken out of your final balance.

Step 4: Sign off your bespoke order & pay.

Once you have selected your design, we have agreed timelines, delivery dates, we will send you a email containing a link and date for you to pay for your design (minus your deposit). Please note: We will not begin working on your design until this has been paid, failure to pay promptly will result in delayed timelines and may result in loss of deposit.

Pricing and Timelines

What is the average timeline for a bespoke process?

Once a design has been agreed, we ask for 6-8 weeks typically to make and ship your item. This varies depending on the type of piece and detail/work involved in the piece. We will always agree a timeline with you prior to you paying for your piece.

What is the cost?

The cost for jewellery can vary drastically depending on the time, materials and work involved in it's creation. Typically Silver jewellery can range from £200 - £500, 9ct Gold can range from £300 - £1,700, 14ct Gold ranges from £700 - £2,500, 18ct Gold and Platinum ranges from £850 - £3000+. Please note, this is a rough guidance based on previous custom work, more complex, detailed and heavily stone set work may incur a higher fee.

Terms and Conditions

All bespoke jewellery is non-refundable as it is tailored to your specifications. Please ensure you provide us with the correct size (rings especially) as some designs cannot be re-sized (we will confirm this with you during the design process). You can find further details on our terms and conditions and returns policy here.